Highlighting Artists

in the Queer Community. 

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Kim Anh has been at the helm of many creative brands in nightlife that span from Los Angeles, New York City to London.


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Laura has been making an impression on the Montreal scene, leaving her mark on some of the cities most renowned clubs including Stereobar, Velvet, New City Gas, Galt and Red Room.

Laura Scavo

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With her flawless mixing she will be spinning a variety of music from House, to Hip-hop. Megs is known for her upbeat energy and personality and has toured all over Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States.


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From the east coast Jules was the MNS 2017 DJ of the Year & Electronic Artist of the Year.

Jules Bangsworth

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Southern Ontario's Princess of Bass. Her roots in 90's house are offset by her deep knowledge of all things grimy, guaranteed to make you sweat.



Kirsten Azan, baptized Bambii, is one of Canada’s most compelling new DJs. Her political and musical vernacular give credence to dance music’s ever expanding reach, the relationships it helps forge between individuals, cultures and spaces. 


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aka DJ Amália is a DJ/songwriter/spoken word artist. Her latest track, EL DIVINE Paul Stickman feat Amália Leandro, is out on Nervous Records. 

Amália Leandro

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Toronto DJ, producer, singer/songwriter just unveiled her debut project entitled СА:ДА (the title a nod to her Serbian heritage).



She’s been a legend in the Queer West scene going back 4 or 5 years ago where she DJ’d and curated a weekly party which was the Queer West “go-to” at a bar once known as “Blondies”


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